Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Stephen Zhang, the most well-known entrepreneur, discusses his path to business success.

Meet the most popular entrepreneur Stephen Zhang | Stephen Zhang is an enthusiastic, producer, and public speaker.

He is the Organizer and Chief of HYGO INC, a computerized media organization with in excess of 30 million devotees on the web. HYGO partners with celebrities, creators, and models to grow and monetize their audiences through the production of viral videos. Stephen is also IQX’s co-founder and former CEO. This portfolio company collaborates with publications to drive high-volume traffic and has control of more than half a billion digital assets.

Stephen has been in business for a long time, having learned how to run a business at a young age. He started by trading eraser shavings in class and selling cookies at lunch. Later, he learned to code. Stephen made a fortune when he was 13 years old using Google AdSense on a gaming forum where he coded from scratch because of his dedication and desire for success.

Stephen later moved into content creation and social media marketing, where he gained over 20 million Facebook followers. He was simultaneously creating the first “meme pages” on the internet. Stephen then started his first business from his UC Berkeley dorm room. Using the large Facebook audience he had built, the company promoted and brought traffic to publications and news outlets.

Stephen eventually became a partner for famous people, assisting them in monetizing their Facebook pages. He then started HYGO and sold the business. Stephen and the team re-grew audiences on social media and focused on video content with clear objectives and strategies. They monetized with ad revenue, brand deals, and eCommerce after starting to get more than one billion views per month.

We guaranteed partners KPIs on views, traffic, and conversions when we produced viral videos. We produced tens of thousands of original videos for our own e-commerce store, which sold thousands of products. We sold the electronic commerce company, and I went into technology to start a social media platform and cyber security company, both of which are now available to the general public after remaining in beta. We just aren’t ready to go mainstream yet, even though both have a lot of clients already.” Stephen elaborates.

Stephen’s success has been driven primarily by his unmatched work ethic, integrity, and honesty. Stephen is of the opinion that a poor product or service has been developed if customers have to be duped or lied to in order to purchase it. Instead, focus on making your product or service better and providing the partner or client with something that is significantly more valuable than what they are paying for. He accepts this is the best way to make more significant levels of progress by giving yourself self-time to work on your image. This is the only way to avoid wasting time and resources chasing the next sale and producing results that everyone finds disappointing.

Stephen hopes to expand in the coming years and assist in the fight against all cybercrime. This might be hard because it would also need government and corporate change all at once, which is unlikely to happen without a lot of movement. The internet is the lifeblood of the new generation, and the dark web and online criminals cover a lot more ground than most people are aware of.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/stephen/

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