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Meet the Most Popular Rising Artists | Punchmade Dev’s

Meet Punchmade Dev’s the most Popular Rising Artists. Punchmade Dev’s the Rising Artists Coming Out of Punchmade Dev’s New Record .

Meet the Rising Artists Coming Out of Punchmade Dev’s New Record Label Punchmade Records Rap phenomenon Punchmade Dev’s hometown has produced numerous hitmakers, and the city has received a lot of attention and buzz. Now, under his newly established record label Punchmade Records, Dev is at the forefront of the Lexington scene, blazing a trail with his fellow artists and label mates. They are listed below.

When it comes to putting together songs that are guaranteed to be hits, Baby Jraco consistently releases a hit record. Guapstar is the title of his most recent mixtape, which came out toward the end of 2021. Like his previous albums, this 10-song collection is full of hits. Songs like “Yvng Guapstar” and “Southside Swiping” stand out right away and appear to be his most popular to date, with many more to come.

Wordplay by YNT Staxk is solid, and the way he says it is strong and clear. The work of the Lexington native stands out because it dares to be different. Staxk combines his own intuition and storytelling skills with many of the styles or influences in his peripheral to produce something wholly original yet recognizable.

YNT Bando intends to take over this year by expanding his catalog and touring in order to maintain his reputation. As he works toward the release of his new songs, the process of creating new music seems to be having the desired effects as well. Both he and Staxk are now prepared to begin a new journey and propel their solo careers into viral fame.

Turban Rocket is poised to become the next big hip-hop superstar from his city. He has the talent and skill to take it to the top. Through his hardcore raps, which captivated the Midwest, he deservedly established himself in his hometown and made a name for himself by selling a lot of records through his music videos. Turban Rocket is an artist to keep an eye on. He started as a grind when he was young.

The music library of Sauvee2x speaks for itself. Any day, his slick bars and witty punchlines are worth listening to. The rapper believes that “All Facts” is a necessary next step for his sound that will undoubtedly pay off, despite the risk. He has released music consistently and steadily amassed a large social media following. Sauvee2x has the star power to blow with his subsequent singles and features from his fellow labelmates.

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