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Two creative industries that frequently collaborate with one another are fashion photography and film directing. Both demand a fine sense of visual design and a firm grasp of narrative. Until some years ago, the masses regarded photography and film making as a hobby or a passion, but now it has emerged in a big way.

In this digital age, not only are more such professionals making their way in the business, but they are actually the fastest-growing segment of the global business. With the advent of social media, several people have established themselves in both fields; in this piece, we’ll look at the work of a famous fashion photographer and a film director – Jumbo Tsui.

Jumbo Tsui is one of the known names from China when it comes to professional fashion photographers and filmmakers. He is all about creative cinematography whose work strike a chord with the masses. He worked as Creative Consultant for Vogue China, and now creative director of V Magazine China.

Tsui is a well-known figure in the digital world thanks to his impressive body of work as a social media influencer. He does work as a brand strategist and a creative content generator. The brilliant mind uses his exceptional talent to make the most of social media.

Jumbo Tsui offers a variety of images and video content for a range of interests, including fashion, modelling, and everything in between! He is most frequently used by brands and businesses for marketing, advertising, and content distribution. It goes without saying that today’s consumers prefer to consume content in the form of images and videos. Jumbo Tsui’s visual content generates significant profits since his clientele values his original works.

Video creation or film making is oftentimes a difficult thing to judge, not only because it can be tough to separate the work of the creator from the overall visual storytelling, but also because most viewers react to the look and style of a film through the lens of how we felt about the movie itself. With Jumbo Tsui, creativity flows like river.

For Jumbo Tsui, the essence of photography and cinematography lies within the beauty of capturing the moments for a lifetime and for everyone. He is a pro in his field and his work ranges from small internet shoots to music videos, short films and so on. Each project he takes is an audiovisual masterpiece in its own right, designed and executed to creatively attain his clients’ goals while engaging with their target audience.

Jumbo Tsui is among the growing crop of independent photographers cum video creators cum video creators who have signaled seismic changes in the entertainment industry. The hunger for inspiration is admirable and refreshing for a talent like him, telling relatable yet seemingly truthful stories in his heart pounding and highly creative posts; serving as the ice breaker between his fans, supporters, and him. He humbles himself enough to be honest about where he comes from, and where he sees himself going.  

His most important aspect is authenticity. Jumbo presents himself as who he is, expresses his voice, and shows his own individual artistic vision. He partners with other accounts, photographers, brands, and businesses. This way, he cross-promotes each other and shares the love. Jumbo Tsui keeps his niche appeal and diversification consistent. Niche appeal means creating a brand that appeals to a particular demographic. This can be a colour scheme, a style, or subject matter.  

Anything that is characteristic of Jumbo’s photography/videography business in an obvious way works. But for this strategy to work, he tailors his social media content to represent a very recognisable and particular aesthetic. All his hashtags also target only the people that are drawn to that theme.

On the other hand, diversification strategy proves more helpful for him. With diversification, he attracts a larger number of followers. “You’ll be offering a large variety of photography if you choose to diversify,” says he. Jumbo Tsui’s appeal is that he does everything and that he can adapt to anything his client might request. His social media feed encompasses all the different work that he does.”

Visit his Instagram account for a sneak peak, where he has over 25.3K followers, and treat yourself to daily doses of experiences. He offers advice on how to make videos, improve one’s photography, and other topics on social media. His fans remain interested in his posts as a result. In addition, he creates music reels, uploads hilarious films, and shares videos of his daily activities.

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